Medical Malpractice

John E. Barbush has stood up for the victims of medical malpractice and successfully resolved such claims for his clients, including claims relating to negligent surgeries and failure to diagnose cases.

All of us want to believe that our doctor would never do anything to harm us.  We all place our trust in our medical professionals.  However, just as other professionals, doctors do sometimes make avoidable mistakes which harm their patients. 

When that happens, patients are entitled to seek redress for their injuries.  Such cases are very difficult - even when the facts are clear.

A recent study reflected that just 5% of the doctors were responsible for about 90% of all the medical malpractice claims in Oklahoma.  This is significant because it reflects the need to research your medical professional. 

To check on your doctor’s status with the Oklahoma Medical Board, including specialties and any disciplinary history, click here http://www.okmedicalboard.org. 

You can also research whether a doctor or health care facility has been sued by using this link: