Mediation works because it provides a safe, structured setting where the parties are able to freely exchange their proposals within a process facilitated by a mediator who helps the parties to explore resolution.

A properly trained family law mediator may help the parties avoid “digging into”certain positions and instead focus on their goals.  Often, the contentiousness the parties have coming into the session falls by the wayside because the parties are speaking with the mediator instead of “arguing with each other.”

Mediation works because it allows the lawyers to advise their client outside of a courtroom setting where the predominant mentality is “win at all costs.”

Mediation works because it allows both sides to be heard and have control over their own lives instead of leaving their fate in the hands of strangers.

Mediation in family law cases often works because after some of the emotion dissipates, the couple realizes that they both share common goals for their children and remember that at one time they actually cared for the other - allowing a win/win dynamic to occur.